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Meet the New Director of Career Services at MSB-Blaine

Written by Jessica Ayub When was the last time you came into the career services office? If it was during your admissions tour, now is the time to come back! Over the next several months, we will be offering a series … Continue reading

Minnesota School of Business Employees STEP Into Success

Written by Carol Jaeger, Faculty Member If you stop by the Minnesota School of Business (MSB)-Richfield, you will be surrounded by success: graduate photos; stories of student applied learning projects contributing to communities; plaques with employee of the year recognition; … Continue reading

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MSB Students Learn Communication Skills from Local Leaders

Communication is an important aspect of our lives, especially as it relates to our career fields, whether we work with people, children, animals, technology, etc. This need is explored through discussion and action by students in the Professional Communications classes … Continue reading

MSB Students Brace Themselves for Website Redesign

By Richard S. Grossman, Internet Marketing Program Chair  Minnesota School of Business Students Brace Themselves for Applied Learning Project with Global Leader in Ankle Protection Visionary educator Sir Kenneth Robinson stated, “Collaboration is the stuff of growth.” A select group … Continue reading